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Ph. D.

Development of aerosol optical property retrieval algorithm using AHI and data fusion by integration of GEO satellite products
Optimization of spectral fitting for trace gas column retrievals from hyperspectral UV-VIS spectrometers: Implications of spaceborne OMPS-NM and airborne GeoTASO retrievals for the GEMS mission
Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Properties from GOCI and GOCI-II and Applications to Trend and Transport Analyses in East Asia
Analysis of Ozone and UV radiation using Ground-based and Satellite instruments over Antarctica and East Asia
Improved Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Properties from Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer: Aerosol Model Improvement and Synergistic use of Broadband Meteorological Imager
Development of aerosol retrieval algorithm over East Asia from TANSO-CAI measurements onboard GOSAT
Retrieval of aerosol optical properties from GOCI : algorithm improvement, analysis and application to PM
Retrieval of cloud detection and cloud top height using Meteosat-10 measurements and comparison with the CALIOP and CPR products
Retrieving XCO2 from GOSAT FTS over East Asia using Simultaneous Aerosol Information from CAI
Atmospheric CO2 Retrieval with Improved Aerosol Information Using Optimal Estimation from GOSAT SWIR Channels
Error analysis and characterization of the atmospheric trace gas and aerosol inversion products from the hyper-spectral remote sensing measurements based on the optimal estimation method
Improvement of aerosol optical properties retrieval over Asia using Visible and UV measurements from geostationary satellite
Retrieval of aerosol effective height using O4 band from OMI with its type detection from MODIS over East Asia
Spring dust activity over northeast Asia related to large-scale climate variables and application to seasonal prediction
Improvement of aerosol optical properties retrieved from visible and near-infrared measurements of MODIS and MISR

M. S.

Long-term trend of aerosol optical depth (AOD) derived from MODIS Aqua using linear regression and ensemble empirical mode decomposition over Asia
Atmospheric transmissions by cloud, aerosol and ozone in the solar UV and total radiation in Seoul, Korea
Inter-comparison of NO2 column densities retrieved by ground-based MAX-DOAS and Pandora, and space borne OMI measurements over Seoul
Retrieval of UV aerosol index using backscattered monochromatic radiance measured by ozone monitoring instrument
Analysis of spatio-temporal relationship between AOD and surface PM in Korea using ground-based and satellite measurements during the DRAGON-Asia campaign
Comparisons of physical and chemical properties of dust and haze using surface observations and vertical profiles at Seoul
Comparison of total column ozone densities measured by ozone monitoring instrument (OMI), Brewer spectrophotometer, and Dobson spectrophotometer
Analysis of spectral enhancement of UV and visible radiation due to clouds by Brewer Spectrophotometer observation and Monte Carlo radiative transfer model calculation
Effect of meteorological conditions on visibility and aerosol concentration in Seoul using surface measurements and satellite data
Transport characteristics of Asian dust using synoptic analysis and satellite measurements
Regional and seasonal variations of tropopause observed by radiosonde and ozonesonde
Dependence of surface solar irradiance on atmospheric optical depth of cloud and aerosol
Regional correlation analysis between pollutant gases and aerosol from satellite remote sensing
Optical properties of aerosol in a megacity, Seoul from ground-based and satellite measurements
Recent changes in solar and terrestrial irradiance at King Sejong Station, Antarctica
Effects of atmospheric and surface properties on the retrieval of AOD from geostationary satellite
Evaluation of radiation physics during the ARM IOP using ground-based and satellite data in single column model