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Chungnam National University
- Assistant Professor(1)
Yun Gon Lee

German Aerospace Center (DLR)
- Research Scientist(1)
Sora Seo

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
- Researcher (1)

Harvard-Smithonian Center for Astrophysics
- Postdoctoral Researcher(1)
Hee Sung Chong
- Research Scientist (1)

Institute for Basic Science
- Chief Investigator(1)
Yeon Joo Lee



Korea Meteorological Institute
- Researcher(1)
Hana Lee

K-water Research Institute(KWRI)/ Water Resources & Environmental Research Center
- Senior Manager(1)
Sung Hwa Choi

MBC Broadcasting Co.
- Reporter(1)
Yoon Mi Kim
- Editor (1)

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
- Research Scientist(5)
Mijin Kim, Woo Gyung Kim
Jae Hwa Lee, Na Yeong Cho
Jung Bin Mok

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
- Assistant Research Scientist(1)
Myung Je Choi

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
- Postdoctoral researcher(2)
Su Jung Go, Seo Young Lee

National Disaster Management Research Institute (NDMRI)
- Researcher (1)

National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER)
- Senior Researcher (1)
Jong Min Yoon
- Researcher (3)

National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES)
- Postdoctoral Researcher (1)
Hyun Kwang Lim

National Institute of Meteorological Sciences (NIMS), KMA
- Senior Researcher (2)
- Researcher (1)

National Meteorological Satellite Center (NMSC), KMA
- Research Officier (1)
Sung Rae Chung

Pukyong National University
- Assistant Professor (1)
Uk Kyo Jeong
- Associate Professor (1)
Yeon Jin Jung
- Research Professor (1)

Seoul National University, Graduate School for Environmental Studies
Postdoctoral Researcher
- Jaemin Hong

Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)
- Assistant Professor (1)
Sang Seo Park

Yonsei University
- Assistant Professor (1)
Ja Ho Koo